Acrylic basics supply list  9- 27-18

   *Be sure to tell the cashier these are for class. You get 10% off .
    If you need help with supplies, come early.
                   ~ PAINTING BEGINS AT THE TIME LISTED. ~

Brushes:  (there are some sets that might have the 1st 5 brushes in them.)
  ½” or 5/8” or ¾” angle,  
  #3 round, 
  liner 10/0, (not a script liner, get one about ½” long)
  A flat about 3/8” wide, (Simply simmons brand #8 or #10 is the right size)
  A larger wide brush for basecoating. ¾” or 1’ flat or filbert. 
  A Set of round bristle brushes by Artists Loft.   ~~see picture --->
      If you have other brushes, bring them. (not oil brushes tho.)​

Palette paper pad by Strathmore (its yellow)
Grumbacher Academy tube acrylic paints: 
  titanium white, hookers green, magenta or thio violet,
  paynes grey, cadmium yellow medium

A 9x12” canvas or canvas board
Black graphite paper (wipe the black side off well- before class).
Paper or notebook to write in and pencil
A bunch of paper towels- fold some into a square pad.
**  I've got some wooden "canvas" for you to practice some of the techniques on. 
They will be available for $1 to me at class.

Wear old clothes. Sodas are available to purchase in store.