Basic Clay class supplies to bring to each class:

Clay: Premo brand by sculpey. 2 oz colored packs. $2.69 or 2.79 depending on where you buy it.
                                (regular sculpey is cheaper but more brittle. Its more of kids level).  
              Fresh clay is best: softer, so pinch it a little to see if you can dent it.
              Colors may be listed or optional depending on your taste. You will use black and white in
              most classes.  (Pearl, glitter and metallic colors of clay are wonderful too.) 
        Bring a zip lock bag or plastic wrap for saving scraps

Blades: Sculpey Super Slicer blades are excellent. Has a stiff blade and a tissue (flexible) one plus 2 wavy blades and 2 handles. $14.99. If you want, instead: bring a package of wallpaper scrapper blades. 5 pack at walmart in paint dept. or home improvement stores for less than $5. 
They are stiff and sharp.

Needle tool or darning needle. (a long, thin doll needle is great if you can find one). 

Exacto knife: One that is very pointy. 

PASTA MACHINE: You will need one. Craft stores sell them in the clay section for $27-29 (use a coupon.)
 If you want one that will last a long time, I recommend an atlas 150 or 180. They all come with a clamp and handle. If it has a noodle cutter attachment -you do not need it. Your pasta machine will only but used for clay, not food.  Watch for them at thrift stores, online garage sales, or ask your friends if they have one they don't use.

An acrylic rod : they are about 8" long and clear.

Surface:  A smooth, glass surface like a ceramic tile. A heavy duty thick piece of glass would work (tape edges if sharp). I"d go no smaller than 10x10". A plastic or wooden cutting board is not recommended. 
        A few paper towels, & small spray bottle or little plasitc bottle of rubbing alcohol is nice for cleaning up or some "wet ones" if you have some.  I usually bring alcohol too.
             ***Check each project listed before a class to see if there are extras needed.
      The only thing  listed that you will "use up" is your clay but you will turn it into terrifc projects.