This class is a bit different.  Its very FUN FUN FUN!       
                                                                            March 1, 10-2:30 (2 sessions.)
​             Read All:
You may use any of your acrylics and we will add my special mix to them to make them more fluid. 
paper towels, a few toothpicks, brushes, elmers glue all
2 or 3 or 4 :  9 x 12 canvases.
 Low boxes they will fit in that won't leak to take canvases home if still wet. 
For doing Pours, bring several small plastic glasses.
For the floral canvas, you can use smaller size or a bit larger if you wish. We will do the floral technique first then play with the paints on other canvases. (You might want to paint one black before class. :) 

I used white, black, a dark green, and a light green like thalo yellow green + a darker reddish/burgundy color you like.  You can change the colors if you want but you need black, white and a dark flower color and  2 leaf colors like I described. You could do purple or blue flowers.  Metallics are ok too. Glitter too! 
​          Before class:
If you want the background color to be light, paint it before class and bring that color with you.( don't use a mix of colors for background).
If you want a darker background, paint your canvas white first then you will paint the darker color after flowers are on. (Be sure your floral canvas has a good amount of paint on it so its smoother.)  My background is cobalt blue but I plan to use a lighter color in class.

Bring a package of pipettes. (they look like long plastic eye droppers & are hanging on the far wall between the classroom and the bathroom. If you have 5 or 6 eye droppers they work too. you just need something to use to apply DROPS of watery paint one drop at a time. (One for each color of paint.)

<<<Bring a plastic round paint pallete like this one.
Latex gloves for you hands is optional. It can be messy.

If you have an old ink pens that doesn't work, bring it. (take the ink out) Extras are fine to share too.

Bring a snack or lunch. We will paint and play straight thru but you can stop anytime.
Condensed supplies needed:
paper towels
elmers glue all
several plastic glasses
canvases (some painted)
boxes for canvases
paint drop dropper
round plastic pallete
old ink pen
latex gloves optional
I suggest you go here to read more of my suggestions for the class.
A LAZY SUSAN would be really helpful while doing the florals. Just cover the top and sides with plastic wrap taped well.  Its optional but will be handy!