Gold Leaf Trees    1-24-19     10-1pm
                                             Paynes grey,   white,   burnt umber. 
A Metallic Gold leaf marker     (highly recommended)  
                krylon  or decoart makes one
 or a very shiney metallic paint. (could use copper instead)

or Gold leaf and adhesive (or tacky glue).(gold leaf takes forever!!!!!
                                                                             12 x 16
               I did mine wide but it could be done tall instead. 
Its hard to tell on the picture but all of the highlites on the sides of the trees and the shiney leaves are done using gold leaf. There is irridescent shimmers on the water too. 
    I do not recommend gluing the gold leaf on..... like I did. 
         Use a gold metallic marker.    :)  or gold metallic paint.