Please come early to set up.     Painting begins promptly at the listed classtime.
Grumbacher Academy Acrylic Starter Kit    (bring all paints & brushes in kit)
contains 2 brushes, 2 canvases, 4 full size tubes of paint & a large palette knife($49.99,use a coupon!)

Additional paints I suggest:
Sap green 
Paynes Grey
Raw Sienna
Burnt Umber
Thalo Yellow Green
Dioxazine Purple
   Mars black or use mine.

Canvas or canvas board size:
                      9" x 12"

Additional suggested items:
--Strathmore Acrylic Palette paper pad (yellow)
--set of tall, white, bristle brushes in plastic tube. contains 20 brushes & a     canvas brush holder . Located by canvases on lower shelf.
- A small (metal or plastic) bent palette knife is handy. The one in the kit            is so huge!
--A good, thin liner brush AND other brushes you have, flats, rakes, angles,       rounds etc.
--Graphite paper (black), stylus, tape & ruler.
   If graphite paper is new, wipe off black side really well with tissues or paper towel                                                                                       before class.
--paper towels !!!
*ALWAYS BRING YOUR PAID RECEIPT or your online registration confirmation paper.