Castle Mural
This is painted in a local gift shop that sells wonderful collectibles 
from all over the world. The Old World /Garden Theme of the mural enhances and compliments the unusual gifts sold there. 
Photos are showing the early stages progressing towards the final project. I have really enjoyed creating this design. I drew up and transfered the castle pattern but everything else is freehanded so far. It is not quite finished but I will update it when it is done. 
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Just getting started 
Castle is done, now laying in the slopes and hills.
Establish edges for stones.
Applied brown washes to light sage green walls.
Before...Grout is on but stones are flat!
After.... Added shading and some highlights. Much better!
Click picture for close up.
Click picture for close up.
Click pic to see close up of castle.
Still adding plants and flowers to bottom...
I am having so much fun doing this. Thanks for looking.    Pam
Click pic to see larger version.
Come again!
I will add more pictures in a few days.
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