You will need to bring the following items to class. A Fine Art Class Kit maybe purchased that includes all the starred (*) items. The kit contains the 4 main colors used in most paintings, 2   9”x12” canvases, the 2 brushes & a pallete knife in a carrying case. (The kit cost less than purchased all separately.) Additional items needed may be purchased in the Art Department at Michaels.    Please see a Michaels Associate for details or help.

Paints- Academy AcrylicsBrushes- Bristlette brand
Titanium White*      *Filbert #8   upc 014173360359        
Cad Red Light**Round #2  upc 014173355737
Ultramarine Blue*                           Thin liner brush
Cad Yellow Medium**Small bent palette knife (plastic set is ok)
Orange                   11x14” canvas or canvas board 
Cerulean Blue                                 bristle brushes (cleaar plastic tube of 18 brushes with a canvas brush holder)
Paynes Grey                           If you have some small flats (#2 or 4) , filberts, etc
Hooker’s Green                                                                      please bring them.
Burnt Umber

       Also Bring:
  paper towels,  pen & notepad, tape,  strathmore yellow palette paper pad made for acrylics,  small spray  misting bottle, graphite paper, a stylus. *Please wipe off the black side of the graphite paper realllllly well before class.

 ** For up to date info on my classes, email me and I will add you to my painters email list:
[email protected] "subject line: add me to painting list."   I send out an occasional email to announce new classes etc.   Thanks!   Pam