read this all before you paint:

1) Measure 3 1/2" up from bottom of canvas. Mark a line all the way across & put tape masking above the line & paint the bottom canvas area with ONE coat of Raw Sienna . Be sure to push the tape edge down that you will paint against. (stroke your paint from left to right, not up and down).
2) DRY IT.
3)  Put masking tape above the area you painted . This will be the bottom of the window frame. You can use 1" wide tape to be the width of the whole window frame or adjust it if you want it wider or narrower.
4) Put tape on the areas where the rest of the wooden window frame is. You are covering the wood areas with tape. Tape it all off to the width you would like-- before class.  (you will be putting your tape on top of where the wood will be.)
       We will paint the winter landscape that is outdoors in class first then move the tape and paint the window wood- then toys.
Grumbacher tube acrylic colors I used:
Paynes grey
raw sienna
ultra marine blue
hookers green
burnt umber
Grumbacher Red
<-3 1/2"
<- You can make the outer window frame wider and the cross pieces in the middle narrower if you wish or all the same size.  Be sure to measure and center the cross pieces of tape.
<-- TAPE
It should look like this when you come to class.

bring tape with you to class also.
**(Also if using a canvas larger than 11x14 or 12 x 16- you can increase the width of the painted area to be a little taller. Don't use a canvas smaller than 11x14.