Grapes & Goldfinch  
       11/13 (Thurs)10-3pm
I painted this on a 12x16" canvas but pattern will fit an 11x14" also. I painted the black mat around. The back ground is purple but you may do a different color background if you wish. You will paint the background and mat last. (If you want to do a light colored background like a tan- you may do it before class all over the canvas.)    I used masking tape to do the mat.
Grumbacher Academy colors I used:
Ultra Marine blue, cadmium yellow medium, raw sienna, dioxazine purple, black, hookers green. alizarine crimson 

Bring your receipt, all brushes, graphite paper & stylus, yellow Strathmore palette paper pad, paper towels. canvas.  Bring a snack or lunch. We will take a break.