( The photo color is a little off but you can choose colors. )

Bring a light colored or white painted surface. 
 For canvas (you will have a small border left around picture on a 9 x12" or a larger border if 11x14". )  **If using a stretched canvas, bring a book or board to put on table under canvas to provide a firm surface. 

You could bring a wooden plaque or canvas. 

   * We will adhere the design paper that I will bring to your surface.   It is  8.5x11". 

Bring (or share) a bottle of DecoArt Decou Page. (no other brand).
Bring a Black Pitt pen. ("S" small tip)
       I will provide paints.  (oils - but we won't use turp.)
QTIPS:  Bring several
Paper towels.    
Water basin
Many brushes, especally small, soft, rounds and flats in various sizes and a thin short liner if you have it.
**To order the brushes I used:  Nancys Dabber Brushes:
  (Nancy Dale Kinney-Stout on facebook.)
They are soft, domed brushes with alot of bristles. Nancy sells 2 sizes. Something similar will work

****A beverage & snack/lunch.
see below picture.
Oil Paints & the design on decorative paper:  provided for $1 to me at class. 

If allergic or sensitive: 
These are water soluable oils and have very little odor. We will not use any turp or other solvents. 
I will bring some foam plates that work too.
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      HUMMER & HIBISCUS    May 2,2019     10-3

tuition $35