Lakeside Birches         (I had to move it from oct 1 to 11/12 )
9/30      &      11/12

Please come early to set up.

Supplies Needed:      Grumbacher Starter Kit.
graphite paper and a stylus
paper towels
palette ( yellow strathmore palette paper pad is best)
Bring any extra brushes you have too.
A natural sea sponge with large holes.

Grumbacher paint colors I used:
The colors in kit.
Hookers Green
Cadmium Red Light (in your kit)
Cadmium Yellow Medium (in your kit)
Dioxazine purple
Paynes Grey
Use my Process Cyan Blue and Deep Violet if you don't have them.
I suggest getting a  good thin liner. I can help you find one. Also: tall white stiff bristle round brushes. They come in a flat package or a tall,plastic tube with a canvas brush holder & 20 brushes.  (I use these in nearly every class).

Bring your receipt or online confirmation page to every class.