Your paper with pattern is aprox 8.5" x 11"  You will need a FIRM  surface to adhere it to. You can use the back of a used up palette paper cardboard, the back of a board canvas etc.
Be sure it is a little bit larger than the paper. 9x12 or a little larger. 
You can print the photo to bring to class if you wish for reference.

   We will temporairly adhere the design paper that I will bring to your surface. It is 8.5x11". 

A spray can of DecoArt MATTE spray. see photo.
Palette paper pad (strathmore yellow 9x12" see photo -not sure if either of these are available at Hobby Lobby but michaels has them.)
        (You could share a can of spray.) 

  I will provide paints. (oils - but we won't use turp.) & 
                   design on paper for $2 . 
QTIPS: Bring several!
Paper towels. !
Water brush basin.
Many brushes, especally small, soft, rounds and flats in various sizes and a thin short liner if you have it.    see photo.
A small palette knife for mixing colors.
Painters tape 


**To order the brushes I used: Nancys Dabber Brushes:
  (Nancy Dale Kinney-Stout on facebook.)
They are soft, domed brushes with alot of bristles. Nancy sells 2 sizes. Something similar will work. see my photo.

****A beverage & snack/lunch.
    Autumn Owl  in Oils    9-19-19      10-3
           Beginners Welcome! Easy to do!
This column containts the normal acrylic painting class supplies.
Pay instructor in class. tuition: $35
              supplies not included 
(paints and design on paper+$2)
           Adults only.