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I LOVE purple!!!      Rien  age 5 3/4 
                        August 2001
       Brandon Harold  
        August 24, 2001
    7 lb  5 oz21" long
Oh ,Santa is soo funny!!!
            Christmas 2001
December 2001
Ok. now this is a few years old but its still one of my favorite pictures!
Teeny, Cutter , Baby and Sadie
Now a Black      Belt! 

Rob got a hair cut! 
This one is newer. 
Early September. 2001
Pam, Dave,
          Brandon (2 weeks)
 & Rien  (almost 6)
New pic   Dec 2002
You win some, you loose some.....
            teeth that is! 
Miranda spoiles Sadie.
the gang :
Jeez sis!!  enough already!
Jenny & family
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Chris, Amy & big Jersey
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