Class: Pumpkin and TEA                           Dates:    Thurs 9/25     10-3p     
   You will need to bring the following items to class:. A Grumbacher Fine Art Class Kit maybe purchased. The kit contains the 4 main colors used in most paintings, 2  9”x12” canvases,(I suggest 11x14” canvas.) the 2 brushes & a palette knife in a carrying case. (The kit cost less than purchasing all separately & you can use a coupon on it.)     Additional items may be needed.   

Paints- Grumbacher 
          Academy Acrylics
Titanium White** are in kit. 
Cad Red Light*
Ultramarine Blue*                                       
Cad Yellow Medium*

ADDITIONAL suggested
 grumbacher paints: 
Paynes Grey
Grumbacher Red
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Sap Green
Alizarin Crimson

 Bring:       YOUR  RECEIPT , paper towels, 
 Suggested additional items:  yellow  Strathmore Palette Paper Pad made for acrylics , tape, black graphite paper, a stylus. small plastic spray misting bottle (located under the graphite paper section),
 **Before class please wipe off the darker side of your graphite paper really well with paper towel or tissues.
**If you wish to get information about upcoming classes, send Pam your email. (subject”Add me to paint list”)  
Pam Miller    [email protected]     309-253-1789
See upcoming classes on the website: & go to paint class page.                                  ***Please be on time and  set up for painting by the time class  begins. 

You may print the picture and bring it to class if you want to.
 *Filbert #8    upc 014173360359    *in kit
 *Round #2    upc 014173355737

additional suggestions:
-Thin liner brush about ½” long. (a 10/0 or 20/0 is good.)
 -   #4 or 6 FILBERT  (aprox 1/4” wide)  .
-Round BRISTLE brush set –tube of 20 w/canvas holder
-11”x 14” canvas  (the pattern fits this size)
     ---Bring any other brushes you have at home:    Small flats,    Small rounds,  angels, filberts, etc.
Small bent palette knife  (plastic set is ok)