Paints:    Burnt umber, raw sienna, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, cad yellow med.   Orange, Cad red light, Cobalt blue, Paynes grey, hookers green, 

Surface & Prep:  Surface must be at least 24” wide and at least  6” high. I used a canvas 12 x 24”. 
                                                              (The picture above would be  only 4 1/2" high.) 

Other surfaces that would work: A wooden board (*see special prep), or a banner made from Roc Lon (off white room darkening material 54" wide sold by the yard.) from the "other store". It’s very cool to paint on & needs no hemming. You can paint on either side. Allow room for a sleeve (can glue) to put in a wooden dowel at top. 
If painting wood: Do these steps: Sand (use 220 grit sanding with the wood grain lines), dust off, apply a coat of decoart multi-purpose sealer. (we sell 2 oz size). Sand again lightly. Apply one solid, smooth basecoat of the paint color, Sand again, Apply 2nd basecoat.

Basecoat before class:    Needs to be smooth and have solid coverage. (Might need 2 coats) 
          Dry and touch up if needed.
I mixed: 1 part paynes grey + 5 parts white + 7 parts Cobalt blue. (my part was about the size of a lima bead). 
         Make enough for entire surface.

          Bring all acrylic brushes that you have. Also:
Rounds, they come on a cardboard & hang by other brush sets.