I used the back of the white wooden Santa Board. 25” x 11”. 
           Pattern is 21” x 4”. Border: 1 ½” all around. Inside without border: 22”x8”.
If using a canvas, it should be at least 22” x 6” if no border is wanted.   A 12”x 24” canvas would work with a 1 ½”border down both sides and a ½” at top and bottom.
Basecoat whole board: Equal parts white + burnt umber. (make extra). You can add a bit more white if you want it lighter than mine. Dry and touch up any areas needed so you have smooth, SOLID coverage. Dry.

 Measure border (as described above) and tape so you can paint border.
 Border: Use basecoat mix + about equal parts of burnt umber so its several shades darker than middle but not straight burnt umber. Colors shown on my picture on the left are really close to what I did.

Grumbacher Academy Tube acrylics:
Hookers green, cobalt blue, Orange, cadmium yellow medium, cad red medium, cad red light, 
burnt umber, deep violet, paynes grey

Bring all paints listed & any brushes you have.
  Remember to ask for 40% off all the grumbacher tube paints at michaels. ( remind cashier before purchase.)
--Strathmore Acrylic Palette paper pad (yellow)
--set of tall, white,stiff, bristle brushes in plastic tube. contains 20 brushes & a canvas brush holder.
--Bring regular brushes: A good, thin liner brush AND other brushes you have, flats, rakes, angles, rounds        etc.and A large filbert-aprox 3/4" wide.
- A small (metal or plastic) bent palette knife.

--Graphite paper (white & black), stylus, tape & ruler.
   If graphite paper is new, wipe off black side really well with tissues or paper towel before class.
--paper towels !!!
*ALWAYS BRING YOUR PAID RECEIPT or your online registration confirmation paper.

Bring a snack or lunch to eat when you are hungry.

              Spring Welcome ©Pam Miller 2003

Please come a few minutes before class time to be set up and ready to paint! 
Class will begin promptly at 10am.