Tiny Titmouse  2-6-20
10-3   but will adjust tuition if we finish sooner.  
Painting begins at 10. Please be set up and ready.
Tuition for 5 hr class: $35 pay in class.

Canvas or canvas board:  I used 9x12 but 11x14 is ok too.

Acrylic paints.   
      (I suggest grumbacher tube acrylics or similar tube acrylics in same colors.)
  Burnt umber, hookers green, paynes grey, white, cad red medium, 
   raw sienna,& thalo yellow green if you have it or bring a yellow.

All of your normal brushes. (If new I can help pick them out).

tape, stylus, graphite paper, paper towels, brush basin.
Palette paper pad (strathmore brand yellow)
Bring your own beverage & lunch/snack. 

Homework to do BEFORE class: Paint canvas.
I painted canvas white and picked up a tiny bit of paynes grey and "slip slapped" it on blending into the wet white paint as I did each area. Slip slap is to make large x's with brush and blending a color into wet background in a soft blotchy look.
Options: you could paint it a solid color (medium grey) and you could also add a tiny bit of blue if you want.(in any method.)
If you want a different color background, thats ok too. Just don't be extremely light so the white areas of feathers show up.