Zentangle Fun!    
10-10-19    10-1
                   Please read this first.
The some supplies I used:
my pumpkin , a fine & a thick black sharpie.  Thats it!

Surface: fake pumpkin of any size, canvas (already painted). painted wood surface, paper, etc. You choose the surface & design.  

If doing a white pumpkin or surface, black would work. (sharpie or paint)
If doing a black surface I'd suggest a silver sharpie.
Think "opposite color" of your surface so it shows up. 

** Since this is a couple weeks away, if needed, I can help you find a design that you want.  You will need to contact me in plenty of time.

 I think I will do the "M" monogram in class. 
The pictures are just for ideas and not to copy in detail. 
        Let me know what you want to do and what size design you need, I can get it printed for you. (Just a basic outline like a coloring book design) and we add details in class.
I found these by searching on Google images for:  painted pumpkins,
mandala designs on pumpkins, zentangle designs, coloring book drawings etc. I can help you if you call me. 

This is really fun and NOT as hard as it looks. It can be done free hand too but I think an idea on paper helps. 
Your surface.
pens (sharpies) in various widths ( the color
       depends on your background color)
tape,  graphite paper,  eraser,  a colored pen or pencil (to use when transfering design.)
Your design that fits your surface.

I suggest you call me if you can't find an idea, design,are unsure of pen colors etc.

won't he look cute on a table with leaves around him?   Yes I added leaf stickers too. 
paint? v
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