A list and explanation of required supplies you will use in all Polymer Clay classes.
  Supplies to bring:

  & Premo clay: 
              white, black, a green, for a basic leaf. 
You could add a yellow, & other colors as you'd like.
         Already made a leaf?? 
 Make another color of leaf to go with it!  
 You can never have too many leaves!
 What will you do with them? 
                 Oh,There are so many things!!  
 Polymer Clay Leaf Cane Class

       Monday April  29,  10-1
In this class you will learn the basics of creating a polymer clay cane.  What is a CANE? Think of a slice and bake cookie that has the same pattern going all the way thru. You will learn how to make very thin slices to create dozens of leaves from one cane!  Next class we will make flowers to go with your leaf! Caning is one of the hundreds of awesome techniques you can do with polymer clay. We will discuss the correct ways to
condition, handle, store, bake & finish clay creations. It is a highly addictive artform!  You will amaze your friends with unique items you can design!
     Contact Pam with any questions.