Mokume Gane 
                        What is it??  Mokume Gane
 (Mo koo me Gan e) is an ancient Japanese metal layering technique where many layers of different metals are hammered together to create a beautiful pattern. 
       We have addapted this to Polymer Clay!!
Using several colors of clay and a metal leaf of your choosing, we will make a unique block of clay that can be applied in slices to a sheet of clay or to other items to make a wonderful pattern.
Mokume Gane cane class
Mon. May 13    10-1
tution $20
Bring: Clay BASICS supplies plus
Silver or gold leaf (you can share a pack if you want).
Premo translucent or white translucent.
Premo 3-4 colors of clay that you like that look good together. Some can be metallic or glitter clay if you want. You can bring white to make shades of one color also if you want.     (All clay are in 2 oz packs).
       You may bring a small item to cover. A  plastic switch plate, a small glass vase or jar, a small metal item,  etc. ( If bringing wood, bake it at 275 for 15 min. Cool them paint on a layer of tacky glue or elmers and let dry.) Or you can make a jewelry pendant or magnet.