Bring your Basic clay tools.

Clay:  Premo brand
--Bring translucent white.
  --   Pick your flower color.
bring white & a darker version of your flower color

(ex: for pink you can bring white, a medium or light pink color and a darker burgundy or alizarin crimson color.)
If not sure, I can help you. If you need to buy some, come a bit early.
Rose Cane Class!!  May 20  10-1
​We will be using your flower and leaf canes in the next class (6/3)to make a floral collage sheet. With it we can cover bakeable items like glass or metal. I will bring some bracelet forms if you'd like to make a bangle. You can also use it to make jewelry. Bring your canes!!  
   If you need or want others, I will bring a few canes to sell.  

If bringing some item to cover, we will wipe it well with alcohol.
 If metal I suggest washing it before class. 
**If wood: you will need to bake it at 275 for 15 minutes. (removes extra moisture or sap) then "paint" it with a white glue like Tacky glue. Dry.