Silent Night Snowmen
Painted on a garage sale "found " metal tray, but pattern is adaptable to most any surfaces.
Design is 7"x11"   Acrylics, Intermediate      E- Packet  $7.00
Snowman Christmas Plate
Acrylics   Beg/ Interm.    12" Wooden plate
E-Packet  $7.00
Winter & Christmas  E-Packets
                               All designs © Pam Miller
Stained glass windows  & Lightbulbs really  
GLOW with my painting technique!!!
Full Moon Snowman
      Pattern fits 8 1/2"x11" insert. 
           Acrylics. Intermed.   
               E-Packet  $7.00
Snowman Gathering
Click photos for 
Frame or put into Cabinet by
Look for my other designs to fit it.
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All of my packets are now in pdf format. If this doesn't work for you, let me know and I will email the information to you. Packets include several pictures, the line drawing and complete instructions. I'm available to answer any and all questions. If a photo or other info is unclear- please let me know.
 I accept Money orders & PayPal emailed to  [email protected] 
Allow 3-5 days to recieve e-packet altho most will be sent within a few hours.
                      Design is 2" x 15".
Wooden casserole carrier (from Vikingwoodcrafts)
                  holds a 9x 13" cake pan.
                         E-packet is $7.
Winter Welcome Sign
(Also shown is the "Fall Welcome Sign"- Spring is done too and yes, I do plan to do summer someday...) 
Cute and easy, antiqued welcome sign. 24"x4"

 These designs on this board are reversible!  
Put one on front 
and one on back.  

e-packet contains several photos,
 detailed directions, and line drawing.  
$ 7.00