Pam's Gallery
 Custom Orders of Stones, Portraits, Mini Murals, etc.
This 16" cement stepping stone was painted for a friend who is a big  baseball fan.
            Pet portraits    (memorials)
      painted from the pet owners photos .
Geranium stepping stone 
Log Cabin Stepping stone
All stepping stones and bricks are 12" cement.
Flower Basket Welcome Stone
Welcome Bouquet Stone
Spring Tulips Brick
Various Floral Bricks
Mini -Mural done above a window in a kitchen.
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Snowmobile meets a creek.
 One of those
"remember when dad..."
Plantation Mural-11'x17' mural I helped design and paint on a dining room wall, the lower molding is real wood. The rest is painted on.
Mini-murals on kitchen soffet. Another artist 
and I painted 4  seasonal bird/branch
 designs in a country kitchen.