Acrylic Painting Classes  
Pam is presently teaching NEW art classes at our Michaels in Peoria, IL hosted by Grumbacher, a leading brand in American manufactured paints. You will learn many basic techniques and take home a completed masterpiece in a fun, relaxed, creative class. 
Pam has been enjoying teaching all levels of painters to create with acrylics for over 30 years.
 She firmly believes that anyone 
can paint if they so desire.

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This page was last updated on: February 22, 2017
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 Pam Miller   
 My cell phone :  309-253-1789       
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 or call me at work at Michaels in Peoria.
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Other side of plaque. It hangs by
 screw eyes and twine in top.
More pictures below. 
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Full Moon Snowman Available as an E-packet.
   Do you want 
to learn how to
 It doesn't take
     talent to paint- 
 just a desire to try.
©Pam Miller 2011
"Decorative Painting Class projects" I have taught in the past -- below.
**Painting begins PROMPTLY at the specified time  so please come
 a few minutes early  
& get set up.
At Michaels in Peoria, IL. with Pam Miller 
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.ONLINE  Class Registration   using a credit card or gift card at      
Be sure to print your online receipt and bring it to class    
*The sign up 24 hours in advance rule  still applies. 
(You won't be able to register online if its less than  24 hours to class time.)    Thanks!  
           Pam      [email protected]   
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**Click on pictures to see a larger one that  you may print for class  & the supplies I  used. 
 There are some additional
 suggested  items you might need.
Our Peoria Michaels store
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On my "Tips n Totes"
<-page is a link to my description and advice on how to Float (shade). 
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