Hand Painted Glass 
Left- Rose tinted bud vase
encircled with a delicate 
vine of rosebuds.
Middle- larger clear glass vase.
Rose vine circles upper edge with more roses sprinkled under it.
Right-Tulip Wine glass with a small circle of tulips on the base.
All glassware is hand painted
 and treated to be washable
 (unless otherwise stated). Designs and colors  may vary as each one is individually paintied. Glassware may vary also depending on availability.  

  Custom, personalized designs 
are encouraged and welcome. 

 These make unique one of a kind 
gifts for that special someone. 
Heart- shaped  BANKS
white ceramic , 6" tall. Each painted with a unique design, perfect gift for Mothers Day.
Small Crocks are wonderful in any room. 
Add a candle, pot pourrie, q-tips and cotton balls., a plant or a catch all for those keys and loose change. These above are aprox. 5" tall. Sizes and designs vary. 
Wine glass with metallic gold 
moons, stars, dots and swirls. 
 This unique wine glass is 
adorned with gold wire and
 unusual beads. 
Sunflower clear glass vase just waiting for that
 spring bouquet out of your garden. 

This Fishy snifter type glass is a
 fun accent in your 
seaside decorating scheme. 
Fantasy fish swim around the glass with starfish and 
sea shells on the base. 
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Items shown are examples of what is possible. Designs may vary with new items as they are produced. 
Please email me to inquire about prices or to place an order.  All insurance,shipping and handling are extra.  Pay pal 

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***I am no longer selling 
painted glassware but 
I hope you enjoy 
seeing these.
all SOLD