New Painted Projects
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    Winter Canvas
3' wide by 2' tall canvas. 
Original custom order is sold. 
 Signed & numbered prints available .
Standard sizes available unframed.

      Wooden plaque painted in acrylics for
 a local restraunt.      It's aprox 6"x14"
The lettering is 1/4" tall wood  cutouts 
that are glued on.

Here is the molded  cast of a gals pregnant tummy. Her friend is making this as a gift for her. I added the clouds and may add the name and date,weight etc.  They will stamp it with the babys feet and hand prints too, and hang it on the wall. Definately the most unusal item I've painted on!! (bigger than a beach ball!)
Wine glass tea light lamp shade. I made this with embossed paper from a scrapebooking dept. and oil roughed it. The edge is cut with decorative scissors.
It would be nice inked also. 
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