Decorative Painting Pattern E-Packets
                                        all designs © Pam Miller




Stepping Stones/Bricks

All of my packets are now in pdf format. If this doesn't work for you, let me know and I will email the information to you. Packets include several pictures, the line drawing and complete instructions. I'm available to answer any and all questions. If a photo or other info is unclear- please let me know.
 I accept Money orders & prefer  PayPal emailed to    
                  [email protected] 
Allow 3-5 days to recieve e-packet altho most will be sent within a few hours.
I've just begun converting packets into pdf format, taking better photos and re-doing my website packet pages. Please be patient with me and alert me if you find an error. 
Thanks a ton,             Pam
       Most wood shown
is available from 
  Viking Woodcrafts, Inc.Waseca, MN. 
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​I am not currently selling painting packets due to the loss of the hard drive with all the information on it.
So very sorry.