Hi!   I'm Pam Miller.  I live in Washington, IL and have a wonderful husband, a rescue dog & a fat calico cat. My 3 kids & 5 grandkids are spread out from Wisc. to Tx. so we love to visit them occasionally too.
            I love all forms of art and have done most of them. grin.
 I've been teaching many for over 30 years, especially Acrylic Painting, Jewelry Making and Polymer Clay.  I love helping new people exploring their inner artist and seeing their progress. I encourage lots of laughter and making new friends in my laid back classes. 
         Currently I'm holding adult classes in Peoria, IL at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. There are workshops for beginners and regular classes too.I have a wonderful group of Acrylic painters that welcome newbies. We will be exploring many new techniques & mediums! 
I'm excited to once again teach Polymer clay. Its such a fun, versatile and addicting artform, the possibilities are endless!
         Please send me an email if you'd like to get on my email list & stay up to date with my classes. I don't send out jokes etc- just class info. 
Take a peek at the 2019 Class Calendar page to see whats coming.
I firmly believe 
anyone can create ~
it just takes a desire to try!
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         April 6th
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