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  in Peoria IL.with Pam Miller
Polymer Clay Classes
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page last updated: October 27, 2015
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Contact ME if you have any questions. 
Pam     309-253-1789
[email protected]
SUPPLIES- Premo clay
Supplies to always bring: clay(Premo brand!), your clay pasta machine, clay blades, acrylic 
     roller, exacto knife,  needle tool, extruder if you have one & supplies listed for each project. 
Your first class? All you need is the clay.  You may use my extra pasta machine and tools in your first class.   ***Just be sure to let me know before class, so I bring them.
Class fee: $20  + supplies.   I am required to have at least 2 paid students to hold class. 
                                                           Adults :    15 & over
         How to handle clay withdrawl!
1.  Come to a clay class and get your fingers into the best stuff ever!
2. Bring a friend, its so fun to share a craft!
3. Talk to fellow clay addicts. 
4. Create your own unique items.
5. Make new friends & talk some more.
6. Stay for Guild. Bring show n' tell items you have made, new
       books, & ideas!
7. Share the details of the upcoming class & Guild day with others
     for a fun time.
8. Bring all clay supplies (pasta machines, exacto knife, etc.)
Scroll down to see pictures of clay items & techniques we've done in classes!!
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 a larger view.
Sorry ,but I am not currently
teaching clay classes. Hopefully I will find a location to hold classes soon.
     PLEASE do sign up for our yahoo group. I hope to have a "clay day" soon and maybe new clay classes.
          Thanks!  Pam
    p.s. If you have a group that would like to have clay class, just contact me!!  We would have a blast!
            [email protected]