French Castle Mural by Pam Miller
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     This is one of the most unique custom murals I've done.  Its in the customer's bedroom. The Castle is a representation of one the customer stayed at in France on a vacation.  There are lavender fields and lots of roses there. They had cherries, croissants & tea for breakfast each day. The roses match ones used in their wedding that her mother grows. The napkin is one her Great Aunt made by hand. I added a flue-de-leaf pattern "carved" into the top of the wooden trim since they have this theme throughout the house.  The blue tones match their carpet and the lavenders & cream colors match accessories in the room. She has yet to decide what to do with the rest of the walls and will work around the mural. I plan to go back and add shadows onto the wall when it is done. It was a pleasure to make this so special and unique for this lovely lady.
FYI Painters: This is done in acrylics, is aprox 45 " wide & took me about 34 hours. Yes I get carried away with details. grin.         Contact me with any questions or if you would like to discuss enhancing your walls with unique art murals & custom touches.  Pam