Portraits by Pam
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16" CEMENT Stepping Stone 
    This likeness of Cal Ripken 
was custom ordered  for a fan
to have by his private batting cage.

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Please email me if you have any questions or are interested in having a portrait of your loved ones. Oils, acrylics or a combination.
Prices are individual ,depending on what is wanted, size,subjects etc.  
Very reasonable. 
For a quote, email me with your specifics. Thanks. 

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18"x 24" canvas of  2 children
 Done in acrylics base and oils. 
The colors are not showing true. I had problems getting a good photo of the portrait put into the computer. It was a surprise for the mom and she was thrilled.   Me too! 
Just completed 4-22-03
Original snapshot 
        I worked from. 
 Just adorable kids!
 I grinned through out
         the painting.