Little Girls Garden Mural
A graceful, arched trellis, adorned with wisteria, pink blossoms, bugs and birdies frame the white wicker headboard.
I still have lots to add, a few butterflys, birds, and some fairies playing in the vines. I've started adding a blossoming, ornamental type tree to the other wall. 
The walls are a soft yellow. The tree is actually White & Slate Grey & with 
pink blossoms.
This page was last updated on: October 27, 2015
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April 7th-  Making progress. Flowers and leaves on tree. 
Below, tree is done. Added some grass,
 daisys, butterflies, birds & bugs. 
Above bed
What a delightful sight to wake up to each morning. 
4-8-03 done for now.
I added some irridescent medium and glitter on the water for a pretty, sparkling effect.
There is some irridescent medium in
the butterfly wing paint too. Shimmers.