Pam's Pattern Packets for Wood
All patterns under copyright by Pam Miller
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close up of house
Full Moon Insert 
8 1/2 x 11"  
Harvest Shadow Box
Harvest Colors Insert
Cabinet for inserts. 
Silent Night Snowmen
All wood (except Shadow Box
is available from 
    Viking Woodcrafts, Inc.        Waseca, MN.  1-800-328-0116
Christmas Goose
 Pattern  fits perfect on a rectangle floorcloth too!
      Just add your own border design.
Fruity Triple Tiles
Twinkling Holiday Wreath
Snowman Christmas Plate
close up of plate
Wood = Viking Item # 20-10483
 Inserts available in 3packs.

 insert wood=Viking Item # 20-10484
Pattern  fits 10"x13" shadow box.  Design is painted onto wooden backing of box and on glass., with craft gourds , leaves, and moss inside.  It's adaptable to many surfaces.  Acrylics . Beg/ Intermed - Packet    $7.00
       Pattern fits 81/2" x 11" insert. 
Crackled background is easy with multi-colored cracks. 
             Acrylics Intermediate.                  e- Packet  $7.00

 Cabinet contains 2 shelves inside  with one insert included.
    Pattern fits 8 1/2"x11" insert. 
Acrylics. Intermed.   
E-Packet  $7.00
Watch for more seasonal insert patterns to come.
Back view
Snowman Casserole Carrier
Snowman Barrel Stave
29" Wooden Barrel Stave,
Viking #273-0007
Viking # 200-0037
Design  is 2"x 15"
 This larger design is  28"x 4 3 /4"-
Intermed. Acrylics ,Packet  $7.00
Wooden carrier holds a 9x 13" cake pan.
Acrylics,    "For those who enjoy the little things..."
Packet  $ 7
Yes, Same patterns and directions. Different sizes. 

Adaptable to papier mache boxes, door crowns, or use parts of designs for smaller items, like candles, rusty tin, jars, small boxes, ornaments, etc.
Remove the lid and pour in your candy, nuts, tea bags, matches, sugar packets, etc
Acrylics, Intermed.     Packet  $7
 Wood is 12 1/2"  tall  x 4" wide. 
 Viking # 144-10058
Painted on a garage sale "found " metal tray, but pattern is adaptable to most any surfaces.  
Design is 7"x11"   Acrylics, Intermediate       Packet  $7.00
Stained Glass windows really  
with this new painting technique!!!
18 1/4" T x 14 1/2" Wx4 1/2" deep.
Haunted House Dispenser
Acrylics   Beg/ Interm.    Packet  $7.00
12" Scoop plate    Viking #  18-1719
   The  Lightbulbs     
              downright glow!
      Try this new technique,
        you'll amaze your 
5 piece wood cutouts  
 Viking #137-9364
Acrylics,  Beg/ Interm.   
         Fun & easy.
       Packet   $7.00
Little red birds hang lights on your wreath and the Banner greets guests with "Happy Holidays"
This makes a wonderful ornament  storage basket. 
 4"Tx131/2" W x 20 1/2" long.    Viking # 122-6942
Design is  10"x15".  Acrylics.               Interm.   Packet $7.00
Acrylics, Intermed. 
 Packet  $7.00
Shadow Boxes available at large craft chain stores and frame stores.
41/4 " Ceramic tiles 
painted with acrylics.
Wooden frame  6" x18"   
  Viking # 24-7303
E-packets contain photos, detailed directions , 
    line drawings, supply lists & hints and tips. 

Story Time Teddy Clock
        Charming old school room with Teddy Teacher, Copy Cat and  Worried Rabbit.
 Antiqued and scuffed up, this clock will add a smile to any room. 
                     Personalize the writing on books or Blackboard 
                 for  your favorite teacher, wedding, baby or childs gift.
Designed for my new grandson's room ,
 this clock is painted on the back side of a wooden plate.
 ABC's can be stenciled on or painted with included pattern. 
Wood : Vikings woodcrafts 12" scoop plate with hole= item # 18-1719 B
Intermediate painting level   Packet is $7.00
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