2nd day-Just getting started. Measuring 
took the longest I think. I used the background color as the basecoat.
Log Cabin Mural
This is done in a room for 2 boys, 7 & 9.    This wall is opposite you when you enter the room. To the left is a high ceiling with tall window. I put the totem pole next to the window. Its aprox 8 ft tall.  
Will add titles to books with the kids names in them. 
Finished view
Totem pole is 8 feet tall. I have also added a shadow next to the totem on the right side.
They wanted a happy totem pole.  Very fun to do.  Next I've started the girls room.  Visit next mural.
A closer look 
at the Moose and 
the Bear from the open door scene.
Close up of deer from window
The log cabin wall took 23 hours and the totem pole took aproximately 6 hrs. 
tall window is next to totem pole --->
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